What Apple has in store

Apple’s great achievement, the iPhone, will be turning 10 this year. With that comes speculation of what Apple will release in the Fall.

Currently Apple’s new release goes by four different names. The company issued name is 2017 OLED iPhone, though mainstream conversations call this the iPhone 8, iPhone X, or iPhone Edition. The phone is scheduled to be released in September.

There are rumors aplenty, despite Apple not releasing much information about its new phone. Let’s break down what the most impactful seem to be.


Mobile leaker Benjamin Geskin stated Apple’s new release involve four different shades, including a “mirror-like” reflective version. While this newest claim is unsupported, it follows earlier predictions that Apple’s new phone could come in limited boutique colors alongside the current lineup of 7 colors.

The screen ratio will change from 16:9 to 18.5:9 in addition to a new color. This does not mean the phone will be much bigger than the 4.7” iPhone 7, as the front face will be dominated by screen. Most mockups of the phone show no home button at all, as all the technology seems to be fully integrated into the OLED screen.

Technology availabe in mobile devices


A long-held expectation is the high-end versions would involve an OLED (organic light-emitting diode) screen.  OLED technology boasts more vivid colors, deeper blacks, and improved battery life. These screens are more difficult to produce, resulting in a higher price tag. Apple will move completely to OLED screens starting with the phones released in Fall according to the newest reports.

A release in May reported iPhone 8 was to feature a Touch ID directly on the screen. The phone would scan the print, replacing the existing Touch ID home button. Another prototype rumored to be tested is locating the Touch ID on the back of the case. However, last week news stated Apple was ditching the Touch ID in favor of facial recognition technology.

The most contested rumor regarding the flagship iPhone is the charging technology. It has long been discussed the newest iPhone would come with wireless charging. However, the wireless charging accessory might not be available when the phone launches. That information brought about confusion, resulting in questions of hardware updates after release.

Which charging technology wins?

Which offers a different question. Is the iPhone 8 going to be fully wireless capable, meaning it can charge up to 15’ away from the charging device? Or will the phone have an induction friendly case, which requires contact with the charging pad. Speculation has swirled about a partnership between Apple and a wireless startup, resulting in hopes for a truly wireless charging phone.

New reports have lowered hopes, as inductive charging seems to be the substantiated charging ability. Inductive charging has been available for a while, as Samsung, Microsoft, Google and Blackberry all have compatibility in available phones. iPhones have previously required a replacement rear cover or case, so inductive charging would be a step towards competitors. The charging accessory is reported to be a separate item, resulting in an additional cost for iPhone buyers as well.


The technology listed above comes with a bit of a hefty price tag. OLED technology is not cheap by any standards, consequently the speculated cost of Apple’s anniversary phone is $1200. Purchasers may find there are different levels of technology and accessories, and a different price point as found in the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. However, Apple will want to keep their profit margin healthy on their smart phone.  As a result, there will be an increase in price if only for the OLED screen.

Apple has not released any official information regarding their newest iPhone. They have chosen to stay silent while the rumor mill builds marketing interest and appeal in what will be the 10th anniversary release for Apple’s iPhone.

More information will likely become available as we get closer to the September release date.

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