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Connected Logistics

Avoid Supply Chain Confusion and Downtime

From beginning to end of your company’s supply chain journey, IoT connectivity plays an integral role, and the entire transportation / logistics industry is evolving due to these cutting-edge technologies. Growing in both size and sophistication, IoT connectivity can manage, track and monitor vehicles, freight or other assets in real time — whether traveling across town or through multiple continents.

Since the goal is to get your products in consumers’ hands at the right time, right place and for the right cost, IoT connectivity is an unquestionable must-have. With our global, multi-carrier network, MobileWare can ensure end-to-end visibility with our Single SIM™ offering. We leverage the buying power of your entire fleet of devices, so you can focus solely on running your business.

reliable tracking
from end to end
How IoT can be Used by Logistics

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Streamline Operations & Improve Workflow

Connected devices keep your supply chain moving forward to relieve bottlenecks and expand capacity

Minimize Wasted Fuel

Create smart routes and tracking with IoT connectivity. Better routes mean faster delivery and better fuel usage.

Reduce Energy Use & Costs

Make the most of every delivery by streamlining routes and processes.

no time for downtime

Smooth Logistics

The supply chain has enough challenges on its own without adding connectivity concerns. STreamline processes and maximize efficiency with reliable IoT connectivity for logistics.

Mobileware’s best-in-class network means you’ll always be connected to the tools to make your logistics strategy more efficient, faster, and more sustainable. You’ll have real-time insights on the progress of every order and valuable data to pinpoint bottlenecks. Reliable connectivity helps you make the most of each delivery and improves the entire supply chain from end to end. 

Stronger insights to
reduce redundancies

Gone are the days of losing track of shipments, backtracking on deliveries, and wasting money and fuel with inefficient routes. Mobileware’s leading connectivity allows logistics teams to have accurate real-time information from anywhere in the world.

Gain valuable insights into your logistics strategy to streamline processes and reduce redundancies. With Mobileware’s best-in-class connectivity, you can be confident in tracking your merchandise from end to end of the supply chain. And with trusted network partners, unanticipated outages won’t slow down your deliveries. 

Connected logistics

A Smooth Supply Chain

No matter if you’re navigating global ports or hitting the urban streets to deliver items, Mobileware’s reliable connectivity has you covered. You’ll have an accurate, real-time view of the entire supply chain without gaps from poor service or unplanned outages. Anywhere you are in the world, Mobileware is there too to provide a smooth supply chain that keeps your business moving forward. 

From ship to shore we have you covered.

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MobileWare has been a great partner. Our relationship has been effortless and pleasant due to the level of attention they are able to provide. I like the flexibility of being able to use different carriers for redudancy purposes as well as using the best carrier for each particular location. I feel very confident in recommending MobileWare as a MVNO carrier.

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