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The future of education is connected - are you ready?

IoT connectivity is not only changing enterprises and consumer expectations, but it is also impacting the educational experience inside the classroom. As e-learning has become a common day practice, it is easy to understand why schools around the world are adopting IoT technologies to accommodate the ‘new’ normal.

Today, IoT connectivity in schools is taking technology a step further by improving campus safety, streamlining resource management and enhancing the accessibility of information globally — just to name a few. MobileWare partners with schools to support both growth and development, delivering solutions-oriented IoT connectivity with its Single SIM.

  • Seamless communication between teachers, administrators, students, and parents
  • Reliable connectivity for virtual learning 
  • Increased accessibility to global learning resources
  • Improved campus safety with connected security devices
  • Empowered teachers and learners in a connected world. 

Connectivity for education

Adapting to the "new" normal, schools are adopting IoT technologies to continue to improve the educational experience for everyone.

Seamless communication and callaboration

Today’s learners rely on digital tools to work together and learn vital skills. Reliable connectivity allows students of all ages to work together and teachers and administrators to communicate with students and parents for a positive learning experience. 

Enter the future of education

Even the youngest students today rely on connectivity to take their learning to the next level. Empowering students with connected devices expands their world and enhances their learning. Prepare them for the future with reliable connected devices.

The future of education is here.
MobileWare makes sure schools are connected and prepared.

Personalized Curriculum

Every student has unique needs. IoT devices and virtual learning allow teachers to personalize the curriculum to each student’s needs so they can learn at the level that best suits their abilities. 

Students can complete their personalized curriculum and automatically sync with a teacher’s device to track each student’s individual learning. IoT-connected devices have the potential to transform the traditional approach to education to create an environment where every student thrives in their own right. 


Pace-Based Lessons

There’s no reason for unreliable data. Mobileware connects with the best networks around the world to provide reliable data plans.

Keep students engaged no matter how quickly they work through material with pace-based lessons. Instead of requiring all students to learn the material in the same amount of time, this new approach adjusts to each student’s pace and keeps them moving forward in the lesson.

With connected devices, teachers can easily see where each student is in the lesson and their pace to make adjustments or provide personalized help. Pace-based lessons help students learn more effectively at their desired pace for an empowering and supportive learning environment.


Smart Robots

Don’t get stuck without a connection. Mobileware’s 5-G LTE wireless backup ensures you’re always connected, no matter where you are in the world.

The future is here with smart robots to assist in education. Reliable connectivity from Mobileware ensures the robots are in sync and work seamlessly instead of becoming a headache or distraction in the classroom.

By connecting robots to other devices, teachers can enhance their lessons, automate mundane tasks, and create a supported and customizable learning environment. Interacting with smart robots prepares students for a technology-driven future. 


Immersive Experiences

Don’t get stuck without a connection. Mobileware’s 5-G LTE wireless backup ensures you’re always connected, no matter where you are in the world.

Take your students anywhere in the world with immersive lessons and learning experiences. Instead of just reading about something in a textbook, students can use their devices to see it first-hand, access interactive content, and step into a new world.

Mobileware’s reliable connectivity ensures every student’s device can access the experience, even with the entire classroom on the network at once. Immersive experiences can make the world your classroom and expand your teaching potential. 


Safety and security monitoring

Don’t get stuck without a connection. Mobileware’s 5-G LTE wireless backup ensures you’re always connected, no matter where you are in the world.

Campus safety is top of mind for teachers and parents, especially with students spending more time on devices. IoT connectivity streamlines security monitoring with content and usage limits to ensure students don’t access dangerous or inappropriate content.

Connectivity also improves campus security by quickly alerting teachers and administrators of potential threats and improving response time to safety issues. A technology-driven learning experience keeps students safer and schools operating with peace of mind. 


Simple and Relieable Connectivity

Teachers and administrators have enough to worry about without adding connectivity concerns to your plate. Mobileware provides the best of both worlds: the ability to connect students with incredible digital opportunities without the headache of cumbersome connectivity. Our leading approach means your classrooms will always have connectivity so you can keep your students learning instead of managing outages. 

Simple-to-deploy and easily managed connectivity solutions

Elearning can reduce the required time for students to learn the material by 25% - 60% compared to traditional learning methods.

Say goodbye to downtime and hello to new opportunities.