zero downtime
zero downtime
Deploy. Scale & Manage Devices Anywhere. Anytime.

MobileWare Delivers Scalable Cellular IoT Connectivity

The Internet of Things (IoT) is transforming how we live and work. Managing and deploying a global LTE initiative across laptops, tablets and IoT devices can be challenging with the complexities, limitations and fees of traditional wireless networks.

Stay Connected
With Our Truly Global Network

MobileWare simplifies the process with our Single SIM™, connecting the best tier-one network on each individual data session. This solution removes the hassle of managing multiple carriers’ SIMs, modules and contracts. Instead, we leverage the buying power of your entire fleet of global devices across one contract and one intuitive global network connectivity platform.

MobileWare has a range of device connectivity options, including:

  • Multi-IMSI
  • SIM - Standard
  • Mini
  • Micro
  • Nano
  • eSIM

Don’t leave your devices in limbo by relying on just one carrier. When devices see poor performance, our Single SIM™ connects your device to another network, so you never lose IoT connectivity.

The Benefits

MobileWare's IoT Connectivity

Our Single SIM™ and data connectivity solutions ride on our fully redundant global IP network. We deliver the highest 3G and LTE internet service availability with the lowest latency across 210 countries and 650 mobile carrier networks.

Don't limit your business growth potential. MobileWare's IoT connectivity makes it possible to scale to reach new customers and markets around the world.
With Mobileware’s customizable IoT connectivity, you’re in control of the devices and their connections. That means you can tailor devices to meet your exact needs and stand out from the competition instead of using a one-size-fits-all approach.
Mobileware partners with only the best networks around the world. You can trust our network of top-tier providers to keep your IoT devices connected in any situation.
Staying connected doesn’t need to be complicated. Mobileware’s IoT connectivity combines leading power with simplicity to give you all the connectivity you need without any extra hassle.
No matter if your connected devices are across the street or around the world, you can trust Mobileware to provide a secure connection. Data security is our top priority, and we work tirelessly to ensure our networks are protected.

Streamline Your Network and Automate Your IoT Connectivity

MobileWare customers get coverage and support needed to deliver critical IoT applications from one provider with one invoice and one intuitive global network connectivity platform. As a result, you can easily manage IoT devices across multiple operators from anywhere in the world.

With IoT solutions, you’ll need to ensure that every aspect of your system communicates effectively. MobileWare’s device-to-cloud connectivity allows your business, no matter the industry, to smoothly integrate with modules, gateways, SIM cards and cloud platforms.

Say goodbye to downtime and hello to new opportunities.