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Don't get derailed by downtime disasters

From the air to the land and sea, transportation is what keeps people connected and goods where they need to be. Modern transportation requires strong connectivity to stay on track, maintain communication, and make sure every moving part is working seamlessly. Mobileware’s reliable connectivity helps avoid downtime disasters across all modes of transportation.

  • Track cargo and passenger movement
  • Communicate seamlessly between hubs and drivers
  • Manage reservations, inventory, and digital payments

Keep your passengers and inventory moving in the right direction with Mobileware’s best-in-class connectivity. 

How IoT can be Used by Transportation

Transportation is what keeps us connected. And IoT devices take that connection to the next level by creating more efficient and reliable systems. No matter what you’re transporting or how it's getting from place to place, IoT connectivity can keep your items moving in the right direction and help avoid headaches and roadblocks.

Streamline Operations & Improve Workflow

IoT devices provide valuable insights to update processes, reduce redundancies, and create efficient transportation plans.

Minimize Wasted Fuel

Don’t waste fuel backtracking or taking roundabout routes. IoT connectivity streamlines route planning to maximize efficiency and minimize wasted fuel.

Reduce Energy Use & Costs

Become a leader in sustainable transportation with smart route planning. The cost-efficient solution helps the environment without sacrificing quality. 

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Connect your enterprise to every major carrier using just one plan