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Connectivity to Boost Sales

"For every decision we make, the first question we ask is , “How will this impact each individual customer?"

With multiple moving parts, retail stores don’t have time for unreliable connectivity. And with so many aspects of retail depending on a strong connection, Mobileware makes it possible for retail stores to have seamless connectivity to stand out from the competition.

From tracking inventory to processing payments, delivering hyper-personalized customer recommendations, and managing shipments, connectivity you can trust is vital for retailers. When your systems are down, your business is down. No matter the size or type of your store, trust Mobileware to deliver reliable connectivity so you can focus on customers and making sales. 

Connectivity for retail stores

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Cashierless Checkout

The future of retail is automated and puts customers in control. But innovative solutions like cashierless checkout are impossible without a reliable connection.

Cashierless checkout allows customers to scan items throughout the store using a handheld device, mobile phone, or kiosk and then pay on their own without the assistance of a human employee. Aside from providing a convenient experience for customers, cashierless checkout has numerous benefits for retailers, including streamlining processes and working through staffing shortages. Mobileware’s strong connectivity keeps all devices working together to track inventory, scan the correct items, and accept payments so customers can be on their way quickly. 

Wireless Shipment Tracking

Sending shipments into the world and hoping they make it to customers on time can be a leap of faith. Wireless shipment tracking puts retailers in control to stay on top of their shipment’s location and expected arrival date.

Instead of having to navigate through complicated systems and get unreliable information, Mobileware’s wireless shipment tracking capability simplifies the process to allow retailers to track shipments seamlessly from anywhere in the world. You don’t have to be chained to a computer to have an accurate view of your shipment progress and provide updates to customers. With the power of wireless shipment tracking, you have the freedom to create more efficient systems and scale your business, all while keeping an eye on your shipment progress. 

In-Store Buyer Analytics

Every customer is different and wants a unique experience in the store. Retailers who can capitalize on that not only provide a better customer experience and stay out from the competition, but also can make personalized recommendations that lead to higher sales.

In-store buyer analytics uses a wide variety of data points to analyze who is in the store, the busiest times in the store, the most popular products, and more. Those valuable insights help retailers tailor their experience to each customer with personalized recommendations and improve the flow, layout, and displays in the store. With in-store buyer analytics shown in real time, employees can make quick adjustments to capitalize on store traffic and create satisfied and loyal customers. 

Hyper Personalization

Modern customers don’t want the same experience as everyone else. Stores that can step out of the one-size-fits-all approach can see incredible growth and create a strong competitive advantage. The future of retail is hyper-personalization.

Delivering uniquely tailored experiences requires a strong understanding of each customer and the ability to quickly turn those insights into marketing campaigns and product recommendations. Retailers need strong connectivity to pull together data from multiple sources and analyze insights to create a unique profile for each customer and deliver a hyper-personalized experience in real time. 

Inventory Management

Tracking and managing inventory has long been a challenge for retailers of all kinds. Connectivity allows for inventory management automation to streamline processes and provide an accurate, real-time view of exactly what’s in stock.

Instead of counting items by hand or second-guessing the inventory system, connected devices can easily track what’s in stock, what’s running low, and what is completely sold out. Retailers have enough to do without worrying about an unreliable inventory management system or spending all their time tracking inventory manually. Mobileware’s reliable connectivity can help you rest easy knowing exactly what’s in store, no matter the size of your stockroom. 

Your Trusted System
for Digital Payments

With sales on the line, your store doesn’t have time for the payment system to go down. Modern customers rely on mobile payments and increasingly want the option of paying by credit card or digital wallet. But that ability goes out the window with unreliable connectivity, potentially resulting in lost sales. 

Mobileware’s 5G connectivity and fixed wireless backup means your systems are always connected, no matter what unanticipated outages may arise. You can confidently accept digital payments and trust the system will stay online.

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