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Avoid a Dining Downtime Distaster

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Whether you operate a standalone restaurant, a quick service chain, a commissary, a catering company, or a retail restaurant with a prepared-food section, IoT connectivity is the key to becoming more productive at every network endpoint — and MobileWare can help you get there.

With our Single SIM™ solution, we provide your business the operational efficiency you desire, allowing you to standardize inventory fulfillment, online ordering, energy management, food safety compliance and more. Our IoT connectivity solutions offer a simple, seamless and scalable experience across a core carrier network, improving your customers’ overall experience for years to come.

Warehouses rely on connectivity to ensure orders are processed, and deliveries get where they need to go on time. When systems go offline, the entire supply chain suffers, and ripple effects are felt for days. Reliable connectivity keeps warehouses operating smoothly and provides an accurate view of current inventory, order status, and delivery tracking.
Smart Hotels
Robots and automation are poised for significant growth, especially in hospitality. But they require strong connectivity to operate effectively. The robots that are checking guests in, delivering items to rooms, and cleaning hotels all need a strong connection to communicate with each other and their human operators. When that connection breaks, those crucial tasks performed by robots don’t get accomplished, which can ruin the guest experience.
Connectivity is key to the modern restaurant experience. From accepting orders to managing inventory and tracking payments, restaurants need a reliable data connection to stay afloat. From the street cart to the fine dining experience, a broken connection can wreak havoc on the dining experience and lead to added stress for employees and poor service for diners.
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How restaurants can benefit from reliable connectivity

These days, restaurants are as much about connectivity and mobile experience as they are about food. Modern restaurants rely on connectivity to manage orders, process payments, and deliver timely service. But that can all fall apart when connectivity is disrupted. A reliable connection keeps your restaurant moving seamlessly, so you can focus on what matters most: providing great service and delicious food to diners. 

Streamline Operations & Improve Workflow

Ovens, deep fryers, refrigerators, walk-in freezers and HVAC systems require constant monitoring

Minimize Food Waste

IoT-empowered kitchen appliances that regulate storage and inventory levels can conduct analyses of their own

Reduce Energy Use & Costs

Interconnected and linked to the internet in a way that allows an exchange of valuable data, kitchen appliances reduce energy costs

Simple-to-deploy and easily managed connectivity solutions

Say goodbye to downtime and hello to new opportunities.