Transforming IoT Connectivity

Digital transformation is making an impact. Due to COVID-19, the trend towards an even more digital existence has been magnified. From working remotely to the uptick in contactless delivery and pickup, it is clear that the reliance on digital technology is here to stay, and IoT is the primary enabler...and IoT connectivity is the key.

In November’s CIO Review cover story, MobileWare CEO Steve Higgins explains how MobileWare Single SIM Technology is helping enable true digital transformation. Typically, IoT devices and sensors that are deployed across the globe rely on consistent connectivity, no matter where they’re located. This can become problematic when organizations have to partner with various carriers, all with contrasting agreements, invoices, and SIM cards. Plus, with cyber attacks and digital threats on the rise, security has never been more crucial. Ultimately, multiple carriers and inconsistent security measures leads to business inefficiencies that can be avoided with MobileWare Single SIM™. 

"MobileWare Single SIM™ is an intelligent, easy-to-deploy solution that helps organizations seamlessly connect IoT devices in different locations without having to manage multiple SIM cards or carrier contracts," says Higgins. “The solution offers companies the freedom to choose from over 650 cellular networks at will across 210 countries, providing complete control over the quality of their connectivity from anywhere in the world. We empower our clients to simply and securely connect all endpoints between their global customers."

Read the full article from CIO Review.

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