Mobile Leaks Have It: Samsung's Newest Unveilings

Mobility is an ever-changing landscape as companies constantly attempt to outdo their competition. Samsung, to differentiate from Apple and other Android manufacturers, tends to release their products on a slightly different time table.

That means we are already seeing leaks regarding the newest Samsung has to offer.

So, what is Samsung planning on offering beyond what they and Apple already provide? How do they plan to wow consumers the world over?

Simple, creating hybrids in their basics to offer more to the user while potentially offering a game changing technology.

Galaxy S-Series

While the Note is the most notable device produced by Samsung, and we will discuss it below, the Galaxy S-series has come into direct competition with Apple’s iPhone. It appears the company is doubling down on the theory bigger is better with a larger screen.

In fact, the screen is reported to measure 6.44” end to end.

This will outpace iPhone X in size, and it will not have the iPhone notch taking up screen size. With this move, Samsung S10 would be the largest smartphone on the market.

Also in the plans? Samsung’s Galaxy S-series will feature an on-display fingerprint sensor, which Apple has abandoned to go full force in facial ID. The Fingerprint On Sensor (FOD) will be exclusive to the S10 and S10+.

But the most exciting feature to be rumored is the introduction of Note’s S-Pen into the S10+. The iconic stylus, a specialty for Note, is rumored to be introduced with the S10+, potentially spelling the end for the Note. However, we will get into that next.

Galaxy Note 9

The most notable and exciting change for Samsung’s Galaxy Note is the changes to the Note’s stylus, the S-Pen. While the most rumored aspect of the S-Pen is the Bluetooth functionality, there is much more the stylus will be able to do.

The S-Pen will be able to control music, including skipping music tracks. The S-pen will be capable of being a remote camera shutter, which is perfect from afar pictures, as well as remotely unlock your phone. A battery will be included in the stylus for all these functions.

Also, the Note 9 is rumored to have a 4,000mAh battery. To give some sense, that is 21% larger than the Note 8.

In addition to the larger battery, Samsung is rumored to release a double wireless charger. The Wireless Charger Duo will be capable of charging two devices at the same time, regardless of what Samsung device. This includes Samsung’s Galaxy Watch, which is likely to be unveiled with the Note 9.


Samsung’s tablet is rumored to offer only one item that will be a benefit. Namely, increased screen real estate. The flagship tablet has significantly decreased bezels, as well as an eliminated home button, giving the tablet an all screen appearance.

While this is like Apple with the iPhone X, Samsung will be losing the fingerprint sensor without having Face ID.

Samsung has the technology for facial recognition, which has been present in their devices for years, but the difference is the system is an iris scanner and facial recognition. In essence, it does not have the 3D recognition of Apple. However, a password is still an option for security in the Tab 4.

Samsung X

Finally, here is the most excitable rumor to date regarding new technology. Namely, there is a rumor the Samsung X will be shown off as soon as January 2019.

For those not in the industry or who have not been following Samsung’s news, the fabled X is a reported to be a foldable phone. The excitement is not just about the fact that the 7” screen will be foldable, which is interesting. Rather, there are two aspects of foldable phones that will change the smart phone industry.

The X does not fold exactly in half, leaving a small portion available for notifications. What this means is the full screen does not need to fire up to see notifications. This is projected to increase battery life significantly.

Also, a foldable screen protects itself when in a pocket or a purse. No longer will scratched screens irritate and frustrate cell phone users.

Even though the X is rumored to be a year away in release, Samsung has a full year of releases to excite and entice consumers. The Tab 4 should be unveiled in September, with the X following shortly behind. At the latest we will have to wait until March 2019 to see the rumored S10 series and Note 9.

Yet we can be sure Samsung will have an amazing line up in their attempt to outshine Apple’s iPhone X.

Say goodbye to downtime and hello to new opportunities.