International Quick Service Restaurant Chain Selects MobileWare to Transform Connectivity

MobileWare Single SIM Seamlessly, Securely Connects 3,000 Locations

DENVER, Colo.  —  May 20, 2021 – MobileWare, the industry-leading IoT and end-to-end connectivity solution provider, announces today that an international quick service restaurant (QSR) chain with 3,000 locations selected MobileWare to transform connectivity and streamline operations at critical network endpoints to process online orders from customers.

After an extensive global search, the QSR determined MobileWare’s unique Single SIM multi-carrier solution added efficiency and scalability to its edge computing needs at all of its locations. A recently published case study details how MobileWare’s Single SIM card and data connectivity services optimized the QSR’s daily operations to become more productive and efficient at every customer endpoint.

MobileWare Single SIM enables the QSR to easily deploy and connect to its locations without having to manage multiple carrier contracts or SIM cards; leverage quadruple redundancy at all locations to avoid interruption; and experience significant savings on its cellular connectivity spend with MobileWare’s multi-carrier solution.

“MobileWare’s simple, seamless and scalable mobile connectivity solutions are revolutionizing the way we do business,” said Steven Higgins, President of MobileWare. “The MobileWare Single SIM is a proven tech-forward mobile solution that enables Fortune 500s to enterprises of all sizes to survive, thrive, and remain relevant and competitive while meeting and exceeding today’s digital demands.”

Key benefits highlighted in the case study include:

  • Cost savings from utilizing a single SIM card for multiple carriers
  • IT productivity improvements with one SIM card instead of managing multiple carrier contracts
  • Easy and quick deployment with MobileWare experts
  • Increased reliability with fully redundant global IP network and access to 600+ mobile carriers 3G coverage in 210 countries

Click here to download the full case study.

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