Horizon of digital transformations for 2019

As we approach the end of 2018, there are certain things that have panned out and other things that have failed regarding digital transformations. Cryptocurrencies have skyrocketed and plummeted, along with the underlying disruptive technology of blockchain, and AI continues to preserve. The landscape business is approach with mobility in 2019 is not the same as projected one year ago.

So, what is appearing stronger on the horizon for business in 2019? We have projections regarding what will be stronger in the coming year. We will have advice on technology to leave alone for now, as well.

Time to double down on chatbots

Artificial intelligence and machine learning are frequently discussed in business. However, there is very little practicality for the large price tag unless you operate within healthcare. At least, that is the standard thought.

However, chatbots are a good example of productive, customer focused artificial intelligence.
Increasing chatbots from a good customer service tool into a more interactive ecosystem will continue to increase effectiveness for businesses. Especially chatbots leveraging Natural Language Processing (NLP).

Chatbots that are seamless and intuitive, while containing the ability to talk naturally in several languages, will take customer focus to another level. Plus, they are a cost-efficient form of AI that will bring immediate benefit to a business.

Digital transformation of workspaces

As we mentioned, DaaS is growing exponentially as a cloud offering. This growth will serve multiple purposes for businesses, especially those who maximize all cloud workspaces can offer. Ultimately, workspace solutions can become foundational solutions, removing the need for virtual network security and streamlining functionality. Embedded analytics will help users handle reoccurring tasks through automation.

In addition, digital workspaces provide organizations with the ability to gain end-to-end visibility and control multiple end points. The average end user carries more than three devices, but IT is struggling to protect apps and data. We could see device consolidation, with the end of the desktop computer, as DaaS offers IT options. Employees will become more effective and efficient without having to fumble with multiple end points.

Similarly, DaaS cloud solutions will gain popularity with businesses who are maximizing on the gig economy. Employees in a gig workforce still need access to company applications and data. Implementation of digital workspaces will give businesses the ability to embrace the gig economy.

Refocus on value gain

While disruptive technologies can be fun to discuss and explore, they are rarely a benefit to business until fully adopted. In 2019, we will continue to see business refocusing their technology development in areas that are value gain rather than fun trinkets.

As we mentioned above, AI in the form of chatbots can and will continue to grow as businesses build out the machine learning mechanisms for customer focus. However, a majority of AI, machine learning and deep learning development that is occurring in Silicon Valley holds very little benefit for business at large. AI is expensive to develop, and it serves little purpose to most businesses. Even retailers can benefit by waiting until AI such as face identification has worked through the initial public fears and development expense.

Similarly, blockchain is another disruptive technology that is looking to be more expensive than it’s worth for most enterprises. While Microsoft Azure is alluring, blockchain still has a lot of issues to work through. Unfortunately, negative media and attention has made most businesses wary. The technology will not go away, but there will be bugs to work out before viable for most businesses.

Hardware advancements

Despite a lukewarm reception to the Always Connected PC, we expect uptake on these laptops will increase. Addition of a standard Windows desktop, along with the ability to access 64-bit apps, will help these computers push into mainstream acceptance. The only question might be pricing. However, if the computers are priced low enough, you can expect the amazing battery life and instant-on power to become a need for some sectors.

Another advancement we will likely find in manufacturing is the increase in 3D printing, or additive manufacturing. Additive manufacturing will be used to make physical goods that are more precise and personal rather than just desktop prototyping. This will help create more software, further the usability of 3D printing in manufacturing.

Making sure mobile strategy is right

Regardless the hardware or software innovations in the upcoming year, businesses that will be successful in their digital transformations will be those who have a strong strategy. Focusing on strong indicators, like DaaS becoming more pervasive, will help a business grow and adapt. Similarly, avoiding disruptive technologies that have not worked through issues in development or security is a necessity.

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