COVID-19’s Impact on Digital Transformation and Connectivity

The COVID-19 pandemic has permanently transformed the way we live. From everyday routines, to work environments, to social interactions, we have been forced to adapt to a wholly disrupted world. When it comes to digital communications and applications such as the Internet of Things (IoT), the COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in the adoption of new technologies at a rapidly increasing rate. But how is COVID-19 impacting business connectivity and overall digital transformation?

Increased digitization 

The rapid increase in digitalization is due to the increase in digital transactions driven by social distancing and lockdown measures. This could be seen in many different forms. For example, businesses began working remotely, restaurants provided curbside and contactless dining options, and schools utilized virtual learning. Healthcare developed digital applications to track the virus as it spread and telehealth visits became the norm. Artificial intelligence (AI) was used to help speed up the search for a vaccine.

Organizations have implemented digital technologies such as IoT, The Cloud, and bandwidth expansions have been implemented by organizations to keep up with the technological transformations that have occurred. 

A swift digital transformation allowed businesses to stay afloat during the pandemic. As the need for digital technologies and better connectivity increased, technologies were developed and implemented faster than ever before. 

The continued digital transformation beyond COVID-19

The digital progress made during the pandemic isn’t going away as the virus subsides.Many businesses are choosing to stay remote, while restaurants and schools are making the effective technologies created during the pandemic a part of their ongoing operations. 

COVID-19 demonstrated the vast potential that digital technologies provide. It also showcased the value of new digital services both today and in the future. Technologies are allowing businesses to connect on a global scale, making opportunities like virtual healthcare, global education programs, and same-day deliveries a reality. However, the rapid digitalization has resulted in a surge in demand for reliable global connectivity. 

Solving for expanded requirements

An increased digital business presence also means an increased reliance on data mobility and the networks that support it. Moreover, greater IT dependence has brought increased levels of network congestion, cyberattacks, and digital fraud. Digital transformation demands stronger connectivity and security for businesses around the world. However, many are struggling to meet the needs of the new digital era. 

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