Apple Leaks: What's In Store for the iPhone

Last week we discussed leaks regarding Samsung’s new line, information due to be released early 2019. However, we are nearing to September, which is the projected drop date for Apple’s newest product lines including the iPhone.

Since Apple plays their hands close, information can be hard to come by until phones are released. However, there are numerous leaks that have been reported, if not confirmed. Below we will go into the newest information, and what consumers can expect from Apple’s fall line.

As mentioned, the leaks have not necessarily been confirmed, so all information should be taken with a grain of salt.

iPhone 9

While last year’s release of the iPhone 8 and X in close proximity brought raised eyebrows, Apple looks to do the same thing again.

However, the difference appears to be cost per phone.

The release of iPhone 9 appears to be a more budget friendly phone, with projected costs of $300 less than the second-generation iPhone X and X Plus. In fact, most are calling the iPhone 9 a “budget iPhone X.”

How is Apple planning on reducing costs for consumers? Namely, two adjustments to hardware choices. Rumors state the iPhone 9 will have an aluminum casing for cost saving measures, as well as an LCD screen.

Unfortunately, the reported release of Apple’s “budget iPhone X” appears to have been pushed back from September to November. Apple is on the record as stating the push is to allow the X family more time for sales. However, there are reports of manufacturing failures. The full active LCD screens have a yield rate of 1 percent per lot with leaking reported as the main issue.

Unless Apple’s partners can correct the LCD issue, OLED might be the only route for the iPhone.

iPhone X and X Plus

While the iPhone 9 appears to be a 6.1-inch phone, with LCD and aluminum casing, Apple appears to be going bigger and better in their X and X plus. The phones appear to be a full 6.5-inch phone, with the screen maximizing the full amount.

Also, the bezels appear smaller.

Although this is expected, there may be an unexpected addition in the X Plus model. Namely, introducing a triple rear camera. While Apple is behind Hawuai in this technology, they appear to be offering it only on their X Plus phone. Their most expensive phone, we might add.

There is dispute regarding whether the triple rear camera will exist. The specs are the same for both opinions, though the reading of the specs differ. One opinion states a larger flash, while the other states triple rear camera to keep up with the newest technology.

Unfortunately, rumors will not be confirmed until the release date of the phone. Although the specs allow for a triple rear camera, that is a change that can be made last minute on the line.

Also, both X and X Plus appear to be receiving 2nd gen Face ID. While Apple’s budget offering will continue to use the current technology, but premium phones are said to receive an upgrade. Along with a steel casing, the X and X Plus will appear worth the extra cost to those willing to pay.

iPad Pro

While Apple is going for bigger is better in the iPhone X family, the iPad Pro appears to come in smaller. Though the display is rumored to be the same size. Apple is squeezing in as much display as it can into a smaller footprint.

Also, although unsubstantiated, it appears Apple is going the route of iPhone 7 and removing the headphone jack. Unlike the iPhone 7, the iPad Pro series will not include a converter (i.e. Dongle).

Also reported, the iPad will be using Face ID technology. Though how it will work is yet to be discussed. Face ID does not work in landscape mode, yet that is the prevalent mode for iPad users.

Some spec rumors also state there is a potential for vertical docking on the detachable keyboard, though unsubstantiated. The rumors should always be taken with a grain of salt.

Ultimately, Apple does not look to be done in by either Samsung or Hawuai in the tech race. Apple is upping the stakes on their X Plus models, while offering an opportunity for more budget conscious consumers to remain within the Apple fold.

Unfortunately, as with all things Apple, rumors will not be substantiated until Apple themselves come out with their marketing.

Say goodbye to downtime and hello to new opportunities.