A Guide for Managing Security of Mobile Devices

It’s no secret that many IT departments are overwhelmed with the complex task of keeping up with mobile networks. One of the most significant challenges that IT departments face is dealing with security threats to the mobile network. Companies that provide employees mobile devices to conduct business need to always be on guard against network vulnerabilities. Whether you’re a small business or large corporation, it’s important to incorporate these 5 methods into your security protocol:

  1. Update to the latest software: Regular software updates protects against data hackers who get in through weak firewalls of older software products.
  2. Install anti-virus applications: Keep all your mobile devices up to date with the latest anti-virus applications to track and block threats.
  3. Encryption: This step protects mobile devices from unauthorized access. Some companies install encryption software that automatically erases all data from the device if the encryption password is entered incorrectly. Always require users to create strong passwords or utilize biometrics.
  4. VPN Connections: When performing sensitive tasks on mobile devices, VPN ensures that the device only connects to a secure network.
  5. No Public Wi-Fi Access: Employees using mobile devices that contain company and customer information and other sensitive data should never access the network using public Wi-Fi. This makes mobile devices too vulnerable.

Mobile security is something that all companies need to take very seriously. If you’re not sure what steps you need to take to secure your devices and protect your information, MobileWare, Inc., wants to help. As the leading mobility management partner in the industry, we offer the following solutions:

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